• Midwest Ford Fest Returns!

    You read that correctly! We’ve added a bunch of great folks to our board of directors, and we’re hard at work crafting an all-new event!

    Midwest Ford Fest Returns!
  • New Midwest Ford Fest Website!

    New year, new event, and a new website!

    New Midwest Ford Fest Website!
The Midwest Ford Fest is one of the premier all-Ford events in America’s heartland, and after a two-year hiatus, we are looking to return in 2014 with an all new format! Sign up for our future email newsletters and follow our Facebook page to get all the info.

The Midwest Ford Fest hosts the Twister Special Reunion, where owners and enthusiasts of these very limited Fords return “home”.

The Mustang Dominator GT Reunion also takes place in conjunction with the Midwest Ford Fest, featuring two generations of Domination.

We hope you like driving your Fords, because starting in 2014 the Midwest Ford Fest will have a new format that just might encourage you to do so!

Long-time Midwest Ford Fest supporters R & A Motorsports are now more involved than ever, and we’re glad to have them on board!